miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

Total Extinction

In the last few months I've been dedicating a lot of my time to sculpting figures for Total Extinction.
Total Extinction is a new scifi miniature wargame. You can check out their kickstarter campaign page here:


Up to now I have made more than 10 figures for the guys that are publishing the game (Sentinel Games)
I made all the Glorlon Army, and most part of the Union of Colonies Army. These are the two first factions being released, there will be more of them coming.

The Glorlon Raider:

Captain Zoya:

captain_zoya by idonotcode on Sketchfab

None of this figures would be half as awesome without our great concept artist, Vasiliy

Mother of Dragons, remake after a year and a half

I wanted to give a second try and see how much I could better myself on remaking a drawing that I made a year and a half before.

Before ("omg, that horse sucks!! :P"):


Between one on the other theres a lot of hours of sculpting most of all, but also nearly daily sketchings (even if its only for a few minutes), 8 months of oil painting 5 hours a week, and lots of hours of study of anatomy, human and animal, cloth, etc...

It's not finished yet, but I think all that hard training was worth the effort. I've been doing some other sketches, I really should spend more time painting, I think. If I get to do something nice I'll let you know.