viernes, 6 de abril de 2018

Blasphemous Concept Art (II)

The game is nearing the start of the production stage, which means we've done a lot of the concept art already. I can't show all of it yet, but here's a curated selection of what we have been realeasing during the last few months.

This two are interrelated, they are members of the same religious order, the woman dies protecting the man and is transformed into a guardian ghost for eternity.

This one is essencially a lore character of the game Blasphemous, whose wife dies giving birth in a cave they take shelter in. He prays for a way to save his newborn child as he doesn't have anything he could eat. The divinity provides a twisted solution to his request.

A painting I did for Blasphemous. It shows a cult of people from the land of Orthodoxia that tries to cure a leper by kissing his wounds and praying. It probably didn't worked. 
I tried to make this painting look Baroque-ish.

This two would be a pilgrim that would be a friendly NPC and the tied girl would be a martyr that by divine grace receives in her body the injures of those that she prays for.

Aside form the work for Blasphemous I'm now going to a local academy, where I am learning traditional medium and going to life drawing classes. I normally post my exercises, doodles and sketches, at my new instagram. You can follow me here:

martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Blasphemous Concept Art

One of the big projects I've been working on lately its the game Blasphemous, successfully funded through kickstarter a few days ago, with 666% of the goal we set for funding.

It's a pixel art metroidvania set in a dark fantasy world inspired by the aesthetics of our local religion.

2016 Recap (II): Digital paintings and concept art.

I set up an artstation where all my 2d art can be viewed confortably:

Nevertheless, I'm going to keep uploading galleries here. I love the fact that this blog contains everything that I created since I quit my job as a programmer.


I made a lot of work for this indie game that is gonna release soon that is called Jettatura. It is a fantasy cartoonish dungeon crawler game. It's being made only by Nick Baker, my client, the wizard programmer and game designer and me as concept artist and 3d modeller. The NPCs in this game are flat billboards but the environment is 3d.

Unseen (indie game early concept art)


Personal work

Even though most of the personal work that I did last year was simply drawing in my sketchbook, I tried to do some digital painting every now and then:



2016 Recap (I) Learning a lot of drawing and painting.

And another year and a half went by and I wish I had kept my blog updated... I'm trying to remember all the things that I did and that now I have to show. Most importantly I tried to prioritize learning with the goal of becoming a better 2D artist and designer. I rejected all new clients for miniature sculpting commissions, and with that extra time:

I made a lot of Schoolism courses, and learned a ton from it, and some of them produced some original illustrations and designs:

I keept studying books, went to some oil painting classes through the year:

Went out sketching a lot, landscape drawing ( I commited to doing 100 drawings in the street throughout the year and by May I had reached that number) , drawing at the zoo, drawing the people around me. I carry my sketchbook and a pen or a pencil everywhere now.

I read some books one of which was the famous Scott Robertson's H2DR, I'm still working out to get everything out of it. This is one of my early attempts at using its methods to design something, in this case some weird looking plane.

The book made me crazy trying to learn as much as I could about perspective. This days I'm practicing my constructions daily.

I leave you with a cartoon of me all sleepy painting the sunrise from my rooftop.

martes, 26 de enero de 2016

2015 recap (Mantic Games, Gamezone and Creating Games)

It's been a super busy year! I didn't had much time to keep this page up to date with everything that was going on. Here's some of the things that I have been doing on miniatures! I kept on working on Heroquest 25th for Gamezone throughout the year and now the game is nearly finished. Have a look at some of the last miniatures I made for it:

I have also made many miniatures for a zombie themed game for the Spanish team Creating Games, some of them I'm really proud of. There's a lot more material out there in their youtube channel but here I preffer to show only images of the printed prototypes

There has been some projects for Mantic Miniatures, I love the dioramas that they do to show the figures in their social media. Since what I do for them is often produced in plastic, the figures take a lot of time to be released. Here's the peacekeepers that I made for them a lot time a ago:

I'm also working on some figures for Mantic Games's new game based on The Walking Dead comic series, I will show here some material very soon.

domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Heroquest 25th figures preview

Heroquest is releasing soon and the guys from Forja y Desvan, managed to publish some videos showing part of the figures that we are making for the game.

Here's the complete list of the videos they uploaded to youtube:

sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

2014 recap (V) Deadzone Miniatures for Mantic Games

Mantic Games started recently realeasing some plastic kits I sculpted for them a year ago for Deadzone: the plague zombies and the peacekeepers. They sent me a copy of the plague zombie kit, but I'm still waiting for my Peacekepers (Mantic couldn't distribute them, they just received a load of boxes with copies from the factory, you can see the items in the peacekeeper sprue in the bottom right image).