viernes, 6 de abril de 2018

Blasphemous Concept Art (II)

The game is nearing the start of the production stage, which means we've done a lot of the concept art already. I can't show all of it yet, but here's a curated selection of what we have been realeasing during the last few months.

This two are interrelated, they are members of the same religious order, the woman dies protecting the man and is transformed into a guardian ghost for eternity.

This one is essencially a lore character of the game Blasphemous, whose wife dies giving birth in a cave they take shelter in. He prays for a way to save his newborn child as he doesn't have anything he could eat. The divinity provides a twisted solution to his request.

A painting I did for Blasphemous. It shows a cult of people from the land of Orthodoxia that tries to cure a leper by kissing his wounds and praying. It probably didn't worked. 
I tried to make this painting look Baroque-ish.

This two would be a pilgrim that would be a friendly NPC and the tied girl would be a martyr that by divine grace receives in her body the injures of those that she prays for.

Aside form the work for Blasphemous I'm now going to a local academy, where I am learning traditional medium and going to life drawing classes. I normally post my exercises, doodles and sketches, at my new instagram. You can follow me here:

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