miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

UDK Environment: Villa Savoye

This is a Work in Progress of an environment based on the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier.

Trying to use UDK for architectural visualization. I started this I think in August, and I've been working on it since then.
I modeled everything in 3D Studio Max, and worked my textures in Photoshop and ZBrush. I used a couple plants and rocks that were already in UDK but all the rest is all mine.

The objectives of the excercise were
  • Learning the basics on the creation of assets and levels with this engine (packages and organization in UDK, materials, kismet, matinee).
  • Learning to organize myself while creating such a big and complex environment as this was (the source files of all of this is like 800 files). You can rather try to keep a clean and organized folder tree and use a naming convention or go crazy.

I think I succeded in both. Wonderful.

I have to thank Carlos Viola (Sectoid) for his awesome music!

3D Character "Gladiadora de Fantasía"

Realtime capture of 3ds Max viewport.
Made using Zbrush, 3ds Max, Topogun and Maya.
Got my inspiration from some old 3d model of mine, just feeled like I wanted to remake it after all this time, and to see how far I could take it

I submitted it for a 3d graphics contest in a demo party ([link])
and got second.
The whole character its like 14k triangles, I could have optimized it more but didn't really took time for it since I was working with a fixed deadline... and my objective was in fact make it look good, and not actually to have a good performance or anything.

I do not code (BIO)

This blog here is to serve as my online portfolio from now on. It's been almost 8 months since I was able to quit my last job as a junior programmer, and I haven't coded a line since then. And to be honest, I don't even miss it.

To keep it short, lets say that when I was 17 I started two parallel roads, both as programmer, entering Computer Sciences on College and as 3D artist by self-learning and joining a group of amateur game developers. I found a job, where I took advantage of this mixed set of habilities when I was at my 4th year of College. I ended up being some kind of Technical Artist so to call it in a video game studio. I was mostly in charge of the scripting part of the games, menus, and GUI. Also had to program some tools and this colorful and easy to program game about a pink bunny.

I wanted to dedicate more time to my development as an artist, but I almost never got permission to do something by myself in the office, and the evenings and weekends were not enough. So I got fed up and stressed and had to quit my job. I really had to. Every day I stayed 8 hours in front of the screen, coding, debugging, and doing things I didn't care about while I could be doing anything else, devoting my time to something I really liked instead.

Since then its been 8 month of passionate learning and training and I start to have a bunch of things to be able to show my progress and skills back on the right road. Some say it doesn't have to be one road or the other, but hey, I really tried to keep on with everything and I was not happy with it. So from now on I'm picking up only whats more important and leaving all the rest.