sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

2014 recap (I). HeroQuest 25th anniversary

During the last months there's been quite some news worth sharing.

First of all, I'm sculpting for HeroQuest 25th Anniversary edition! For those who don't know yet, Gamezone Miniatures bought the trademark HeroQuest in Spain. They made a successful crowfunding campaign that gathered more than enough backers to release an updated version of the game coming this winter to conmemorate the 25th anniversary of the game. There's been some controversy because of another company in the U.S. having the rights over the trademark there, and people arguing that it was somehow dishonest from Gamezone getting to make a game with the Heroquest name not having bought the trademark all around the world. Nonsense, all of it.

Long story short, this critics made it difficult to crowfound the game but finally they succeded, and I've been working with them for a few months now. It make's me very happy to say that I got to model the barbarian and the dwarf, my favourite characters, as well as the female dwarf, the huntress, and skeletons, mummies as well as other stuff that has not been released to the public yet and that I will show you as soon as I'm allowed.

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