martes, 26 de enero de 2016

2015 recap (Mantic Games, Gamezone and Creating Games)

It's been a super busy year! I didn't had much time to keep this page up to date with everything that was going on. Here's some of the things that I have been doing on miniatures! I kept on working on Heroquest 25th for Gamezone throughout the year and now the game is nearly finished. Have a look at some of the last miniatures I made for it:

I have also made many miniatures for a zombie themed game for the Spanish team Creating Games, some of them I'm really proud of. There's a lot more material out there in their youtube channel but here I preffer to show only images of the printed prototypes

There has been some projects for Mantic Miniatures, I love the dioramas that they do to show the figures in their social media. Since what I do for them is often produced in plastic, the figures take a lot of time to be released. Here's the peacekeepers that I made for them a lot time a ago:

I'm also working on some figures for Mantic Games's new game based on The Walking Dead comic series, I will show here some material very soon.

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