sábado, 12 de enero de 2013

Illustrating Dungeon Defiler for the IPad

During the second half of the year 2012, I spent most of my time working as an illustrator. I made this game working with The Game Kitchen during the month of August.

These are some of the drawings I made for them. You can find the game for free in the appstore.

It was a small project, and we finished it in around a month. I had a list with lots of illustrations from the game designer, and completed 2 or 3 illustrations every day. It's funny to remember how the idea of this game was originated. I was spending the week in Barcelona, attending the Gamelab events. I was with my coleagues from TGK and we were having a meeting. As I'm not actually an employee I was kind of absent, drawing in my sketchbook. I had not drawn anything for a few days so I was drawing eagerly.

My friend Enrique had this idea of making a simple game inspired in more complex role games in his mind and as he saw my drawings he exclaimed something like "OMG it would be awesome if we made a game using drawings like these!," in that enthusiastic way he does. He took pencil and paper and drawed a logo that read "Lucky Dungeons." One of the letters was a sword and there was some skulls in it too. We had a camera and we had fun making noises and we had these pieces of paper that we used to record how the start screen would look like. We set to the task and a month and a half after this day the game was in the appstore :)


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